AssetMinder - Turnkey Asset Performance Management Solution

InVMA's turnkey asset performance management solution delivered by the power of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Reduce risks, lower operating costs and prolong equipment life with remote asset management solution, AssetMinder.

Transform maintenance with IoT 

AssetMinder collects data from remote and often unmanned equipment. This is transferred automatically to a secure cloud based system, which stores and processes the information to provide you with equipment process value trends, status, alarms and other services. You automatically receive this information no matter where you are or what device you wish to use.

If a value or status exceeds a pre-set value or sets to a particular condition you will be alerted immediately. You can interrogate a piece of equipment at any time to check that all is well.

There is no IT system to buy or support, InVMA takes care of everything. Field equipment is provided as a standard enclosure that can be internally or externally mounted, connections are made to power and the equipment controller. Communication is through a wireless 3G router with an industrial strength signal.


Benefits of using AssetMinder


Reduced unplanned downtime

One of the most expensive events in manufacturing or utility operations is unplanned downtime. Frequently this occurs through a failure of unmanned and unmonitored equipment, which may even be remote to the principle site, or be part of an extensive network of equipment. Its premature failure, which may be catastrophic, is first observed by the other systems that depend upon it ceasing to operate.

AssetMinder connects this control system to anywhere that the equipment’s status and trends may be usefully observed. AssetMinder will not only alert you to critical failure but also warn you if various trends (flow, pressure, current, vibration) indicate wear or mal-operation, allowing you to plan remedial action and schedule a task, thus avoiding expensive unplanned downtime and reduced customer satisfaction.

Extended equipment life

To continually watch and monitor equipment is prohibitively expensive and impracticable. A more practical solution is to connect the machine to AssetMinder; this totally automates equipment-monitoring 24/7/365 – without tiring or missing a beat.

Real time machine monitoring means that maintenance can be optimised around the actual duty that the equipment is asked to provide. Informed decisions can be made for maintenance based upon this reality, rather than depending upon averaged maintenance schedules. This will extend equipment life – regardless of duty or harsh environment.

Anticipated Service Requirements

If equipment is not monitored then failure may well be catastrophic and any detailed events will not be available when making service management decisions, for instance, was it electrical, or mechanical or hydraulic?

Which skill do you send to site to rectify the issue? With InVMA AssetMinder you have detailed insight to what led up to the failure. You will know which skill set, parts and support are needed, helping you to achieve a first time fix, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Increased customer satisfaction

Availability is a key component of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), having high OEE will almost certainly add to customer satisfaction through on time delivery in full for the manufacturing industry, and continuity of service for infrastructure and utilities.
Utilising InVMA AssetMinder will help to determine the ‘weak link in the chain’ through constant automated monitoring and thus provide peace of mind for operational staff.

Increased equipment availability

Well maintained equipment, with schedules based upon actual duty will last longer and also be consistently available for use.
Typically planned maintenance schedules are usually designed for ‘average use’ and not the actual duty that a particular piece of equipment is tasked with.

Through continual monitoring and reporting the actual duty can be taken into account. Decisions about delaying or bringing forward planned maintenance are made with solid information and not reliance on ‘average duty’ schedules.
Improved consumables management

Consumables (filters, bearings, lubricant, coolant) are the lifeblood of equipment. If not replenished then they are not there when needed. Yet when stocked in abundance too much capital is tied up. AssetMinder indicates when an item has been used, which can then be re-ordered, and a record kept of consumable usage.

AssetMinder in Action

Asset Monitoring
AssetMinder enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace.

InVMA has enabled JBC to develop a new competitive edge. “HALO” is a differentiated service offering that provides an extra level of assurance to JBC’s customers and a brand-new revenue stream for the company. Compatibility with all boiler systems – both old and new – means that JBC can offer the same peace of mind to all customers, and offer a clear migration path for customers that wish to transition to digital technologies.

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