Manage All Assets in One Application

Drive decisions with real-time and predictive data from all your assets,
devices and equipment. Automate actions using predictive methods to
transform your business into an Industry 4.0 leader.


AssetMinder® helps organisations to:


Locate their assets 
Protect your assets against Theft and Violations or prepare for Audit

Implement proactive maintenance or service 
Get alerts when service is needed and prevent downtime

Predict equipment failure
Avoid downtime and reduce risk of further damage

Monitor the usage of the equipment
Check Warranty Claims, Comply with Health and Safety regulations

Control Service Remotely
Get remote access and triggers, perform remote diagnosis and send software and firmware updates

Increase Revenue
Offer your asset as a service, increase sales of consumables.

Delight Customers
Benefit from increased customer satisfaction, contract renewals, word-of-mouth and customer referrals. Increase your brand equity with outstanding service.

AssetMinder Features:

  • Reports on multiple variables
  • Works with any combination of assets, regardless of manufacturer
  • Seamless integration with your current systems
  • Built to solve multiple problems
  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible solution with easily configurable software
  • Hardware matched to your set of assets.


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AssetMinder Dashboard

"The InVMA AssetMinder solution has enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace. HALO is a premium service and manufacturer neutral, with no interoperability issues, which is a real benefit to our customers who often have a mixed portfolio of boilers. InVMA has presented JBC with a genuine competitive edge."

Jamie Bashall, JBC Group Chairman


AssetMinder in Action

Asset Monitoring
AssetMinder enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace.

InVMA has enabled JBC to develop a new competitive edge. “HALO” is a differentiated service offering that provides an extra level of assurance to JBC’s customers and a brand-new revenue stream for the company. Compatibility with all boiler systems – both old and new – means that JBC can offer the same peace of mind to all customers, and offer a clear migration path for customers that wish to transition to digital technologies.

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