Application and Data Hosting

Help to build your infrastructure on premise or hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

To cloud or not to cloud?

Is your IoT application better suited to installation on-premise or in the cloud? Where do you plan on storing the data it generates? InVMA can talk you through the benefits and risks of each approach and help you implement the best solution for you.


InVMA offers a range of options for hosting the application and storing data.

Application hosting
We can support you to install your application and data on-premise.

Or you can choose to use one of our cloud services.

We currently work with AWS and Microsoft Azure in addition to the Thingworx IoT cloud platform.

ThingWorx IoT cloud hosting is compliant with ISO27001.

We can help you understand the requirements of data protection laws, including those specific to particular markets.

Data hosting
Perhaps the biggest challenge the Internet of Things presents is the scale of the data it has the potential to generate.

If you’ve worked with InVMA consultancy services throughout the lifetime of your project, you should already have a clear understanding of what data you need to capture and why.

Deciding what part of that needs to be stored and where to store it is the next part of the equation.

Cloud can make data storage more affordable. But, even then, the expense should only be justified commercially if it is necessary to store that data for added value or compliance purposes.

Our consultancy services can help you plan the data requirements of your IoT application.



About Our Cloud

About InVMA AWS or Azure Cloud
Choose to host your IoT application on your favoured cloud platform. We work with leading vendors to help you achieve a standard, portable deployment on a trusted, robust and secure platform.

About Thingworx IoT Cloud Platform
The Thingworx cloud platform has been configured to provide a secure environment that can easily cope with the high data ingress and egress of a typical IoT application.

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