Project, Application and Infrastructure Design

Take as much – or as little – help as you need.

How do you implement your IoT project?

Any Internet of Things project presents significant challenges in terms of connectivity, security, change and acceptance. InVMA consultants offer an experienced hand to help guide you through these challenges.


There are three core elements to the design services InVMA offers:
• Designing the process/ project design
• Application design
• Architecture design.

If you want the full monty, here’s how we work:

Project Design
We start by identifying your overall objectives. Then we guide you through the entire process of mapping out your project to create a ‘project backlog’ and produce an estimated work schedule.

Application Design
We begin by sketching out exactly what the application must address. We help you plot out what the application would look like: the number of screens, and the complexity of those screens, then defining any system rules or machine learning rules.

Key questions to consider at this stage include:
• Who are the people who are going to be using the application?
• What “things” need to be connected?
• What are the “user stories”?
• How will they use the system? And in what environment?
• How much data will be transmitted? Why?
• How valuable is that data?
• How sensitive is the data?
• What are the known risks and how do we address them?

Architecture Design
This is the final stage of the design process: once we have understood how many “things” we are connecting and how much data they are generating, we can start to specify hardware and connectivity requirements. Security considerations are also an integral part of this design stage.

We can run multi-disciplinary workshops onsite, or simply be on the end of the phone: tell us what support you need and we will support you with as much – or as little – help as you want.

Series of Workshops: Creating a Project Plan

Would you like InVMA to help you realise your IoT project?

This series of workshops is designed for organisations that have identified an IoT opportunity, but aren’t sure how to implement it.

We can you help you map the process, application and systems.

• What’s your overall objective for your customer? Describe customers and create their user stories
• What are process steps we have to complete? How do we test it coming off production line? How do we connect and bill for each service?
• Now we have fleshed out the process steps have we identified other commercial opportunities? Can we create additional user stories?
• How do we prioritise those process steps? Are their dependencies between process steps? How to use a Fibonacci scale to identify their rough relative value and prioritise the highest value/ lowest cost steps.

• ‘Project Backlog’ i.e. a list of stuff to configure and build – listed in ‘chunks’ of work
• an estimated work schedule.

Next step
• Leads to application design.

Talk to us: start by calling the InVMA team on 0333 313 0060.