Agile Application Development and Integration

Even the best Internet of Things application is useless unless it is successfully integrated with the real world.

What do you need to build your IoT application?

Building your Internet of Things project will require application development and systems integration. InVMA uniquely offers the expertise to build all the software and hardware elements of your project.


InVMA uniquely offers a complete IoT build service:
• application development, and
• full systems integration.

Our team of developers are experienced and accredited in developing Thingworx applications.

We pursue an Agile development approach to deliver tangible benefits right from the early stages of the project.

Our integration team have more than twenty years’ experience delivering industrial solutions, giving us a sure footing in many skills and technologies which underpin successful IoT implementations.

We partner with software, hardware and communications suppliers and machine learning experts so we can help you identify the best solutions for your project.

IoT Application Development
Our application development team works using an ‘agile’ development methodology. Simply, this means we prioritse those chunks of work that will deliver value fastest and then tackle each one in turn in ‘sprints’ of development work.

Building with Thingworx gives us a proven, tested platform which delivers much of the standard application requirements, relating to connectivity or security, for instance, out of the box. Our development team can quickly start work on building those functional requirements of the project that add value.

We prioritise the most valuable items first, deliver them rapidly and deliver packets of value at the end of each sprint.

IoT System Integration
IoT applications don’t stop at the desktop or the cloud. They are connected to real hardware in the field – whether that is the home, the community, industrial environments, or the many other myriad of connected devices in our new, connected world.

That’s why we partner with key, trusted hardware and machine learning vendors to help you build your IoT world.

Our experienced integration team can deliver the entire project for you or we can simply be on hand for help and advice when you need us.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0333 313 0006.

Our Agile Development Approach

How it works
We start the development phase with a clear view of the product backlog.

The prioritised items are pulled off the product backlog and the development team are briefed on the strategy, the need and the requirements.

Every morning we schedule a ‘scrum’ where the development team and the client meet to discuss the progress and idetify any barriers in the current development phase or ‘sprint’.

Each sprint lasts two to four weeks until the product backlog is worked through.

Occasionally, new requirements, changes or priorities are identified. Because the sprint cycle is short, the new requirements can be quickly prioritised within the product backlog (without impacting the current sprint).

The benefits for you
Agile working reduces the time spent upfront producing user specifications in fine detail which may later be subject to change anyway as the project progresses and needs change.
It gives our team opportunities to learn, and develop the application design, based on user feedback following the delivery of small chunks of work from the early stages of the project.

We can be more responsive and you gain returns on your investment earlier.

• Faster delivery of your IoT application.
• Fully connected network of “things” connected with your application.

Next step
• Leads to hosting choices.

To discuss how we can help you, call InVMA on 0333 313 0060.