Helping You Realise Your Internet of Things

For many people, the IoT is still very much uncharted territory.

That’s why InVMA provides a whole spectrum of services to support you through every step of your IoT project.


If you are just beginning to explore out what the IoT could offer your business or your customers, then our day-long workshops can help you explore your commercial opportunities.

If you already have an idea on your drawing board but need assistance getting to grips with the nuts and bolts of it, we can offer advice on process mapping and application and architecture design.

How Can We Help You?

InVMA is the approved reseller of Thingworx software in the UK and Ireland. If you already know that it is Thingworx you want, head over to our contact page to get in touch or place an order.

However, we understand that simply purchasing software off the shelf isn’t the reality of IoT for most people today. The Internet of Things is still in its infancy.

That’s why InVMA offers a whole spectrum of services to support you through every step of your IoT project.

Maybe you think the IoT could have some potential for your business, but you’d like help working out what it looks like? Find out more about our consultancy workshops.

Maybe you know what you want you simply need help working out how to deliver it? You need our project design services.

Maybe you have a clear idea but need help with particular software elements? “You need our application design services.”/services/design

Maybe you need help with particular security concerns or sourcing hardware components? You need our architecture design services.

Maybe you have experience of Thingworx already and are confident with the solution, you simply need a supported hosting platform? You need our hosting.

Maybe we’ve got you there and now you would like the ongoing support of our team? You need our support services.

Wherever you are on your IoT journey, InVMA can be your guide.





InVMA Can Be Your Guide

Call us on (UK) 0333 313 0060 to arrange a free one-day workshop to explore the potential IoT has for your business.