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We can help you identify:

  • Where will IoT bring value to your organisation
  • What the Return on Investment will be on your IoT project.
  • Where the gaps are in your IoT readiness.
  • Where you could make improvements.
  • Your business case and plan of action.

To prove the value, this is what we work with you to do:

  • We spend time understanding your business objectives and your potential use cases.
  • Our IoT business specialist will analyse your current situation and opportunities.
  • We will walk you through the results of our analysis and show you what value you could capture.
  • Together we will prioritise the opportunities and develop an outline business case and plan.
  • If it makes sense to, we will create a simple Proof of Value model on Thingworx or AssetMinder.
  • We will develop a resource plan to deliver your initiative’s value.

Our business is about harnessing data to deliver insight that can improve performance and ultimately our clients' bottom line. InVMA has delivered a solution that adds a new flexible dimension to our OEE product, which presents information to our clients quickly, in a digestible format and in a way that they want.

Simon Garbett, Gemba

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