Jon Hill

Business Development Director

3 words to describe myself: 
Thinker, shaper, doer.

What I do at InVMA: 
I raise awareness of the value that InVMA can bring and work with our client’s to figure out how they can create value from Connected Products and the Internet of Things.

I used to work…
As an Engineer for Ford Motor Company so I get the technical side. I was a Finance and Transformation Consultant for Ernst and Young and then Deloitte so I get how big change can be made to work. I started, built and sold my own business Wexner to Avisen plc (now 1 Spatial). I was on the team that acquired and built Bellrock.

If I didn’t have to work, I would…
Mentor young people.

What I like about my job 
It allows me to apply my lateral thinking to a client’s problem or opportunity and then help them solve or take advantage of it. During the process I get to meet some interesting people and learn about some very interesting industries. I also get to work with clever and creative people who turn our ideas into something that works.

Cycling, I average about 70 miles a week. Raising Money for Taylans’s Project. Being outdoors with my family.