John Bennett

Application Engineer (Intern)

3 words to describe myself: 
Charming, easy-going, ambitious

What I do at InVMA:
I develop applications using Thingworx to help create and develop specialist IoT software. This includes working closely with JavaScript and SQL to query databases and create conditions. Working with C, .NET and Java programming languages is also required to use the various SDKs to develop custom software and widgets.

I used to work… 
As a nominated team member at Cineworld.

If I didn’t have to work, I would… 
Travel the world, try to get a trip onto the space station, do astrophotography full time.

What I like about my job 
I enjoy being part of a team that is helping to create a world where every device can be connected through the IoT. Through this I am excited by the challenges of using a varied set of programming languages to help enable access to the IoT from ordinary unconnected devices.

Ice skating & hockey, astronomy, programming.