Jan Hemper

Technical Director

3 words to describe myself: 
Pragmatic, reliable, driven

What I do at InVMA: 
I am ultimately responsible for the technical output of the company. I also oversee the identification, evaluation and selection of the technology components that we choose for the delivery of our solutions. I originally evaluated and initiated our partnership with PTC Thingworx.

I used to work… 
As a systems engineer within the process control, automation and information systems arena architecting, designing and delivering projects within the oil and gas and power generation industries. My experience covers end to end implementation from the wires, through the various control layers and up to ERP and other business system integration.

If I didn’t have to work, I would… 
Travel the world, sampling the various cuisines and learning to kite surf.

What I like about my job
I really enjoy the fast pace of the industry and the continuous evolution of new and useful technology. Working at InVMA allows me to work in a great team and be involved in great projects that improve quality, reducing cost and generate new revenue streams in a way that was not possible only a few years ago.

Spending time with my family and socialising down the pub