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To Create Real Business Value, You Need to Identify and Prioritise the Specific IoT Use Cases.

Use Cases

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Learn More About the Top IoT Use Cases Across These Functions:

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Product Development

  • Operations and Manufacturing

  • Service and Support

  • Information and Operational Technology

  • Customers

To Create Business Value, You Need to Identify and Prioritise the Right IoT Use Cases:

While many organisations are creating tremendous value from the IoT, some businesses are still struggling to get started. To help them begin their IoT journey, we have developed the IoT Value Roadmap, a guide to help organisations create business value in a smart, connected world. The IoT Value Roadmap defines the top 24 IoT use cases based on hundreds of customer interactions, and organiwes them by the business function or stakeholder they benefit.


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IoT Use Cases
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IoT Uses Cases Marketing and Sales

Our business is about harnessing data to deliver insight that can improve performance and ultimately our clients' bottom line. InVMA has delivered a solution that adds a new flexible dimension to our OEE product, which presents information to our clients quickly, in a digestible format and in a way that they want.

Simon Garbett, Gemba