Webinar Recording from IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory webinar on 26th September 2018.

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  •  The cost of a hidden factory and the opportunity it presents
  • How to reduce complexity and maintain consistent quality with work instructions.
  • The benefits of predictive and proactive maintenance for performance optimization
  • Barriers to IIoT uptake by end users
Even the Operations Directors of the most efficient factories know that they have parts of their operations that are not as they should be. Workarounds, re-work, scrap, waiting and other forms of waste can be a significant drain on plant performance and the bottom line. Six Sigma and Lean practitioners, are right to ask the challenging question…would your customer pay for this process if they had the choice?

True partners through this journey, InVMA have an open style and don’t rest until the product is right. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as we extend into other areas of connected products and operations.

GCE Healthcare Group Product Manager, Donald Oleforo

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