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InVMA receives significant investment from Tern PLC


Chesterfield, Derbyshire: UK-based IoT systems integrator and managed services provider, InVMA, today announced it has secured investment from IoT specialist investment house, Tern PLC. 

Tern PLC specialises in Internet of Things investment, particularly in IoT enablement companies, where InVMA firmly sits in the marketplace. This capital injection is the first part of a performance related significant investment. Initially, it provides InVMA with the financial agility to focus on its sales and marketing efforts alongside expansion of its delivery team. Investment in these two areas has already begun with a significant increase in marketing budget and an active recruitment programme. 

“Tern recognises that InVMA is the new breed of systems integrator,” says Pat Nash, Managing Director, InVMA. “InVMA is built and optimised for IoT. We bridge multiple gaps at once – not just between multiple pieces of hardware or even between mechanical and electrical equipment, but between software and hardware, OT and IT.  InVMA has extensive industrial integration and automation experience and is in a unique position to deliver IoT solutions that optimise operations, improve profit margins, create new markets and increase productivity.” “We are very excited to enter our next stage of development with Tern PLC. This investment will not only support our organic growth ambitions but we will also be looking to expand through acquisition. Our aim is to triple turnover in the next two years,” comments Nash.Bruce Leith, of Tern PLC, said: “I am delighted that we have made this investment into InVMA. The management team, led by Pat Nash, have a wealth of experience in successfully developing and installing IoT solutions for connected products and connected operations and we look forward to helping them grow their organisation.” 

Tern PLC's stated objective is to invest in dynamic technology opportunities within the IoT market, which will deliver significant returns and create value for shareholders.  This investment demonstrates InVMA’s solid market positioning and growth trajectory.

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