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New Partnership Enables Faster Deployments of IoT in Facilities Management.


InVMA partners with IoT and Building Management Systems company, iaconnects, to provide optimum savings to the Facilities Management industry through fast IoT deployments.

Chesterfield, 17th July 2019: Today InVMA – a leading provider of IoT products and bespoke IoT solutions, announced their partnership with iaconnects, a supplier of IoT and Building Management systems. iaconnects will use InVMA’s core IoT application - AssetMinder® - to accelerate deployment of solutions into the Facilities Management Industry and to drive up asset utilisation and drive down utility and maintenance costs.

iaconnects creates, delivers and commissions advanced control systems and IoT solutions. Last summer, the company moved away from an initial plan of developing their own IoT platform and decided to collaborate with InVMA.

AssetMinder® is a core IoT solution that allows any organisation to instantly connect any combination of assets or devices, anywhere, at any time. It allows for a rapid connection of assets to reduce risks, lower operating costs and prolong equipment life. iaconnects will make use of InVMA’s AssetMinder® to support their own deployments and enable the management of devices out in the field at scale.

InVMA in turn sees iaconnects’ MobiusFlow as a suitable choice for rapid deployment and comprehensive management of connected assets.

“IoT is an area where customers thrive when different specialist players work together,” said Patrick Nash, InVMA’s Managing Director. “Utilising available technology and collaborating with different partners to add value to our offering means that the customers benefit from fit for purpose IoT solutions that are rapidly and easily deployed.”

The companies have not only have become technology partners but are also collaborating on numerous projects. They are jointly pursuing active bids for projects in the Industrial Sector and Building Occupancy, Lighting Controls and other Facilities Management opportunities. 

“We are currently working on some exciting opportunities together,” said Stephen Hayes, Chairman at iaconnects. “We have a joint ability to offer complex bespoke built IoT solutions that can also handle and efficiently manage the deployment of many different devices at scale. This is an attractive offer for this particular sector as we are seeing great deal of interest due to the obvious capability for this technology to significantly optimise operations.”


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About iaconnects

iaconnects realises business benefits for industry by creating, delivering and commissioning advanced control systems and IoT solutions.

ia facilitates efficient operation by enabling secure data from sensors and controllers either stored locally or in the cloud to provide intelligent diagnostics, analytics and control, resulting in optimum savings for the operator.


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