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Free insight guide: Building a Business Case for IIoT

The IIoT is transformative, yes – but that also means that it has been discussed in more breathless terms than most other forms of business technology. It is a hugely dynamic field, yes – but that also means that it can be difficult to differentiate between concrete reality and hyperbole. Read this guide to get started in building your business case.

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Planning for a successful IoT project
Free insight guide: Planning for a Successful IoT Project

IoT projects can be daunting prospects. The IoT is by nature complex and dynamic. Once your organisation has committed to developing an IoT strategy, it has to accept the reality of a vastly increased number of devices on its network, ever-changing user bases and ever-moving endpoints, and, crucially, a much, much larger volume of data to process than ever before.

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How IIot will deliver smarter factories
Free insight guide: How IIoT will deliver smarter factories

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been described as the fourth industrial revolution. Like steam, electricity and information technology before it, now, the convergence of cyber and physical systems has the ability to utterly transform how factories operate. The IIoT is a collective term for the introduction of Internet of Things technology – this is, internet-enabled sensors, devices, computers and other objects that can generate, share and analyse vast quantities of digital data – to industrial settings. Thanks to these technologies, warehouses, logistics centres and above all, manufacturing floors are becoming more intelligent and more innovative.

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What is the Internet of Things
Free insight guide: Making Industrial IoT Happen

The era of digital business is upon us. Organisations in creative and service driven sectors have been harnessing the benefits of digital technology for years to connect people. Now, manufacturing and industrial businesses are catching up by connecting things.

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What is Machine Learning
Free insight guide: Redefining Asset Management

Effective asset management has long been a key concern for businesses looking to balance productivity with cost effectiveness, efficiency with innovation. But the IoT era has made it even more crucial – and more complex. To stay ahead in the dynamic, digitally driven world of the IoT, organisations need to redefine asset management and use automation to share the burden.

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