This OEM uses ThingWorx to enable IoT connectivity for its customers.


Vantron Technology is a leading provider of low-power embedded system and software solutions to OEM/ODM customers.


Vantron saw more and more customers looking for interconnectivity through the cloud so that they could access and interact with their equipment remotely.


Vantron’ s customers use a range of operating systems on their embedded systems, from Linux and Windows to Android, all of which will be enabled with ThingWorx, and be “ThingWorx Ready”. Access to the ThingWorx IoT Platform will be built into those systems, so that customers can easily integrate them, and have access to those devices. Vantron is then able to provide a turnkey application service for those customers looking for one-click access to the ThingWorx cloud.


“Incorporation of the ThingWorx platform provides an industry-standard way for our customers to have their devices easily connected with minimal effort […] we see connectivity as only the first step in our partnership between ThingWorx and Vantron; we also want to take advantage of the ThingWorx partner ecosystem to enable our customers to access various value-added service for our customers.” – Easen Ho, Executive Vice President of North American Operations.