Hochschule Furtwangen University

Students are exploring how IoT solutions can help reduce patient admission and re-admission rates.


Hochschule Furtwangen University is developing solutions with ThingWorx in its Mechanical and Medical Engineering Department.


The university is located in the Black Forest of Germany in Baden-Württemberg, where there are many small villages that are 20-30 kilometres from their nearest doctor or hospital.

The students’ project was originally developed due to this need for remote monitoring of patients.


Students across multiple disciplines are working to develop Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology into mechanical devices to aid in monitoring patients remotely. Their idea is to utilize the Internet of Things to develop “smart” wheelchairs and walkers that will transmit patient information to a dashboard developed in ThingWorx to monitor various parameters and develop alarms specific to each patient.


“Because the Internet of Things – and Industry 4.0, as it’s known in Germany – spans across these areas, the industry needs graduates with experience in a multitude of IoT areas as well as project management and business acumen. I feel this project gives our students this experience.” – Achim Bumüller, Senior Assistant in the Mechanical and Medical Engineering Department, HFU


Hochschule Furtwangen University