Gemba Solutions

InVMA delivered an IIoT solution that adds a new flexible dimension to Gemba's OEE product, which presents information to clients quickly, in a digestible format and in a way that they want.


Gemba Solutions is an independent production efficiency solution provider. It works with organisations in a variety of industrial settings to drive real and long lasting efficiency and quality improvements helping customers in areas ranging from shop floor visibility, work orders management, job and inventory tracking, continuous improvement and more.

The company aims to provide every customer with a truly tailored production efficiency solution, where benefit is driven into the client’s business from the ground up with effective education and change management , rather than simply laying software on top. A combination of real-time software and continuous improvement services is offered under one roof.


Gemba’s software is a powerful tool for extracting information from the factory floor and using that data to generate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and root cause analysis. It enables customers to optimise their manufacturing efficiency and to identify the cause of any faults or process slowdowns in real-time.

However, Gemba’s customers were increasingly requesting web-based analytics, so that their staff had a single, centralised portal of information on the performance of their shop-floor assets and the process efficiencies being generated by Gemba.

Similarly, Gemba was looking for a way of recording production meeting actions in an intuitive way.


InVMA built a bespoke, web-based interface ‘wrapper’ around Gemba’s SQL-based on-premise solution utilising the ThingWorx IoT platform. This solution keeps all of Gemba’s customers’ core infrastructure in place, but provides access to that information remotely and on the move. The interface, as with all of InVMA’s solutions, was designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

From there, the InVMA team helped developed a meeting and action management modulein line with the Gemba vision, which uses all of the information collected on the shop floor by Gemba’s software to drive actions in meetings. The data and actions are recorded against the relevant individual, creating clear lines of responsibility and visibility. Once again, all information is consolidated centrally in a web-based system that stakeholders can access remotely and on the move.


InVMA has helped Gemba to bring a new service offering to market and therefore develop a new revenue stream, while also demonstrating its responsiveness to customer requests and market demands.

The web-based interface improves process efficiency and visibility for Gemba’s customers, ensuring that information is disseminated more widely and rapidly across the organisations than previously. In turn, this enhances the production efficiency that is the core of Gemba’s offering.

  • Brand-new service offering and associated revenue stream
  • Responsiveness to customer request for expanded service
  • Greater visibility across portfolio of products
  • More efficient meetings and clearer lines of responsibility and action
  • Enhanced production efficiencies

Simon Garbett, Gemba’s Operations Director says:

“Our business is about harnessing data to deliver insight that can improve performance and ultimately our clients’ bottom line. InVMA has delivered a solution that adds a new flexible dimension to our OEE product, which presents information to our clients quickly, in a digestible format and in a way that they want.”


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