Embedded Energy Technology

IoT enabled devices and sensors help to improve energy efficiency for customers.


Embedded Energy Technology (EET), based in Pittsburgh, PA, was formed in response to customer demand for post-installation verification of the energy savings provided by industrial insulation products.


With over 50,000 district and industrial steam facilities in the U.S, steam systems are one of the largest energy consumers in the United States, representing almost 15% of the country’s annual energy usage. Embedded Energy Technology is on a mission to not only save energy but to also prove it.


Engineers at EET developed a sensor that could be mounted along with the insulation to measure how much heat is being retained and provide insight into whether or not the component is functioning as intended.


“Initially we thought that we would need to hire a couple of developers and build something from scratch over the course of a year, but once we saw the ThingWorx platform, we realized that we could skip that step. The flexibility, and rapid application development tools, along with the look of the applications made it a much more practical proposition than building something from scratch.” – P.J. Johns, CEO, Embedded Energy Technology.


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Embedded Energy Technology

Embedded Energy Technology