The scalability and connectivity of ThingWorx make it perfect for this IIoT application.


DeviceLynk is an asset management solutions provider.


DeviceLynk wanted to achieve competitive advantage by developing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that would give its customers the ability to monitor the status of a field asset, building, or other infrastructure from miles away.


DeviceLynk turned to ThingWorx to help develop a new platform with the required connectivity and scalability. DeviceLynk found ThingWorx’s unlimited scalability means it can capture data more efficiently than before and connect it throughout the enterprise. It has also sped up integration time and made solutions very easy to deploy. By enabling DeviceLynk to easily create and tailor dashboards, mashups, and user interfaces, ThingWorx enabled the company to focus on meeting customer needs.


“I think that single pane of glass story is what strikes me as being powerful about ThingWorx. To be able to come over the top of existing systems no matter what they are – I haven’t seen any limitations on the platform and that is what is really exciting.” – Adam Strynadka, Managing Director DeviceLynk.