All Traffic Solutions

IoT-connected traffic signs combine with IoT-driven applications that utilise traffic data.


All Traffic Solutions is a major player in the road sign and speed monitoring market and has been at the forefront of the wireless market for over a decade. It sells its traffic safety products throughout the United States and in more 20 countries globally.


All Traffic Solutions wanted to develop innovative new web-based and IoT-connected signs that are incredibly smart, yet simple to use, in order to add significant value for its customers. All Traffic Solutions saw that the possibility of capturing, analysing, and reporting on real-time traffic data represented a major opportunity to create a suite of IoT-driven, smart, connected applications that utilize traffic data in highly productive ways.


All Traffic Solutions relies on ThingWorx for all of its database services and its end user software. ThingWorx enables All Traffic Solutions to easily build and customize user interfaces, dashboards and mashups, in order to customise its TraffiCloud ecosystem to meet specific customer requirements, and keep its user interfaces clean and easy to use.


“What immediately sold us on working with ThingWorx is the substantial flexibility the platform provides in allowing us to quickly develop a large variety of scalable user interfaces – the heart of our SmartApps and TraffiCloud ecosystem capabilities.” – Ted Graef, President, All Traffic Solutions



All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions