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Blog by Mark Tootell - 17 October 2017

I craft solutions for InVMA customers leveraging the relationships we have with our partners and the expertise we have within the team to help our customers get things talking and driving business value from the conversations that ensue.

Are there similarities between Hunting ‘An IoT’ and Haggis Hunting?


Having spent 3 days in Barcelona at the IoT World Solutions Congress I started thinking of the similarities between hunting Wild Haggis and tracking and hunting down an IoT customer (even the sniff of a prospect). Granted this could have been a surfeit of tapas and the heat, it still bears consideration.

Over 3 days at the show…

  • I had one potential customer ask me for help in his company’s IoT project.
  • I spent time discussing projects to wirelessly enable infrastructure with a goal of improving management of assets on farms, in factories, construction sites and on the roadside.
  • I discovered a range of sensors and technologies I could use to craft solutions to solve the real-world problems our customers are facing.
  • I spent a lot of my time talking to fellow exhibitors about how their technology could be leveraged in an IoT project InVMA engaged in.

So, a fruitful event? Yes in so much as it forged partner relationships, extended the supply chain and extended my pool of technology knowledge. But did it actually result in a single IoT lead? Alas no.

We were co-located with 2 other shows that were focused on chemical engineering and Industry. I hazard a guess that few of the attendees of those shows were looking for an IoT solution, however if you asked them how they and their customers could benefit from their assets talking to each other and the benefits analysis of that information would deliver, many would become more animated and potentially I could have had more success networking those shows – in fact that’s what I’ll do next year! We all too often forget it’s not the technology any one is interested in, that’s only the enabler of business transformation – which is the interesting bit, after all.

AssetMinder was developed to bridge the gap between existing hot, heavy, valuable assets. I’m off to discuss how we can help these talk to each other and leaving the Haggis hunting to others in future.

Topics: IoT, connected products, IIoT

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