InVMA: end to end IoT solutions

Whether to you it's IoT or M2M you have arrived on the right page for competence, knowledge and fast track implementation. InVMA can supply your IoT and M2M solution on whatever basis you need it and hosted wherever you want it; or as we say 'everything : connected'


A proven market trend

Within the next few years, the adoption rate for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will grow so vast, that 10s of billions of things will soon be endowed with sensors - allowing us to fully control, monitor and automate their activities. From reducing energy and water consumption, to securing and tracking your remote assets - the applications of the connected world are limitless.


Full scope IoT and M2M

InVMA is the reseller, developer, integrator and support resource for M2M & Internet of Things applications. We make it simple to control, monitor and automate your assets' activities, and to combine data to make things interact automatically.